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Drewry shunter at West Ealing

Jon Horswell

Jon Horswell

The resident shunter at Plassers has now been fitted with a cast nameplate. I think it is now called 'Dorothy' but couldn't quite read it through the fence. Can anyone confirm? Also, I thought it would be nice if a photo could perhaps be uploaded.

Jonathan Horswell

Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

It is named HERBERT after Herbert Pilgerstorfer - former M.D. of Plasser UK who has recently retired.

As for adding a photo - controversial! I'll have to ask the boss!

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Vince Website editor

I think we can guess the answer about adding a photo of an "industrial locomotive" to the website.

(I suppose if it was a photo in its current livery and surrounded by or shunting some OTMs on a nice sunny day then I may think about it).

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