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Glasgow Subway Overground Depot Extension

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

The Glasgow Underground is extending, from its Overground Depot by approx. 600mtrs, to a new Shed further South.

This is a 3rd rail system

The system, for those who know it, is affectionately known as "The Clockwork Orange"

The System is a narrower gauge of 4ft (1.219) as opposed to the BR Standard Gauge of 4ft 8 1/2inch (1.435)

Story have the contract for this work.

The Story machines are all fitted to the BR Standard Gauge Rail Gear. Therefore how to overcome the gauge difference?.

From what I observed longer than usual sleepers were laid down

The 1st set of pandrol clips take a standard rail.

The 2nd Set of pandrol clips also take a standard rail.

This layout will take the 4ft (1219) Subway Gauge Trains

The 3rd Set of pandrol clips also take a standard rail.

This Layout will take the 4ft 8 1/2inch standard gauge

Once all the track has been laid the 3rd set of Standard Gauge will be lifted.

This will leave space for the Live 3rd rail to be fitted

Story 1103-22 & 0428 were working today

The New Trains will be driverless and being built in Italy

The line is being built on the alignment of the Govan Branch from Bellahouston Junction/Station which came of the Glasgow - Ayr Line near to Ibrox

Alex Betteney avatar

Alex Betteney

Veering slightly off topic, the principle contractor for the Glasgow Underground refurbishment is Stadler Bussnang AG / Ansalso STS Consortium. In 2017, they ordered two Clayton locomotives (4ft gauge) for work on this contract. So far, I've not heard of anyone seeing these locos, other than a rogue sighting stating they were in Rutherglen Yard (which I suspect was the NR Snowblowers).

Another recent addition to the Glasgow Underground fleet is a 2018 built Road/Rail Zephir loco.

If anyone has seen any of the above I'd be most interested

Dennis Graham avatar

Dennis Graham

I saw one of the new units at Innotrans and believe they are being assembled in Altenrhein, Switzerland.

In my opinion the nicest looking metro train I've seen.

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

I only happened across these works by chance on Monday and have done no research until about an hour ago.

It would appear that this extension will be a test track.

Whilst there I asked the security guard what was happening and he the basic info.

There is a small 2 road shed erected, which doesn't look particularly permanent, but he said that 2 trains were inside it.

I don't decry him but people with no interest in Railways have different views on what constitutes a train.

This can range from a single locomotive, Locomotive & wagon/carriage, a couple of powered carriages to a full blown Pendo.

Alex this maybe where your 2 Claytons are hidden away, or could in actual fact be "Trains".

Went down to the Broomloan Rd depot & could only espy a single PW Wagon with no other stock visible.

It is actually very difficult to see much of the track around the depot but what is very noticeable is the amount of CCTV coverage cameras and lots of " Caution Razor Wire" notices.

So be careful Please When/if viewing. No doubt due to live 3rd rail. This is the only area in Scotland that has Live 3rd Rail so presume the Caution.

Sending in a picture showing 1103-22 working on the Dual Gauge Track

Also 1 extended view of 0428 with trailer 1303 and showing extent of new depot.

Both Story & AB2000 Civil Machines are involved in this Project.

Denis:- From what I saw on the SPT site they do look Nice & Impressive

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

And with apologies for straying further away from OTP but picking up Alex's point above, I'm sure I passed one of the Claytons heading North on a truck on the M74 on 18th June 2017 as I was travelling in the opposite direction. But unfortunately, I don't know which.

Alex Betteney avatar

Alex Betteney

Had a private visit to the depot with another member of OTP some time ago - a very interesting visit, though much has changed since then. Two vehicles could be viewed from Golspie Street, next to the PW Depot. Google Earth suggest possible veiwing points are Robert Street, Loanbank Place and the test track extension from Edmiston Drive.

Also whilst researching material for the forthcoming IRS 18EL book, I came across the following which is OTP related - Brodie Engineering of Kilmarnock have been involved in designing a new LWRT train for the Glasgow Underground :-

Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

Keep a look out for underframe of Permaquip WEE WINNY 68600! ;)

Bob Darvill

Bob Darvill

Stadler Rail Clayton locos. CE B4642A was sent to Glasgow on 18/6/17 followed by CE B4642B on 20/6/17.

Bob Darvill

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

Learned today that this "New Depot" is only temporary , approx 3 - 4 years and will be dismantled afterwards.

It's purpose is purely for training on and testing of the new trains.

Clearing of the land and disposing of a large amount of contaminated soil will amount to well over 10m.

Maintenance and security there after would make keeping it in situ unviable.

Then there is returning the site to a safe environment.

Shudder to think what the final costs for a temporary installation will be.

Suppose much of that is a result in the fact it being of a non standard Gauge and couldn't be tested anywhere else.

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

Thanks, Bob!

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

2 Claytons see & photo'd today along with the 6 Geismer drum carrier wagons

3rd new train delivered today

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

NB There has been incidents of trespass & Vandalism around here

Would advise Reporting to Security 1st and explaining what you are doing.

Once you have done that generally no problems

If not don't be surprised if you are challenged

Cop Shop Just across the road

Don't spoil it please for others!!!!!

Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

Trailers now listed under Glasgow Subway list.

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