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Jarrod Barker

Jarrod Barker

I believe a few months ago a HOBC set went to High Marnham and was fitted with dust suppression. A few days ago there was a movement of a HOBC set from Toton to Fairwater Yard. Part of the consist was two RHTT wagons that were fitted with water tanks. I saw emails on gen sites at the time that were of the thinking that the annual distribution of the RHTT wagons had started early this year.

I have seen today that this consist has been posted to several gen sites yesterday.

6Y11 17:52 Fairwater to Totnes 92362 92366 92361 92375 92372 92364 92345 92356 92367 92232 DR76502 92231 92373 92348 92368 92338 92351 92370 92371 92341 92333 92703 642008 642034.

The train still includes the two RHTT wagons. Are these supplying the water that keeps the dust down ?

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