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Balfour Beatty Ashford visit 9th October 1997

Ted Knotwell

Ted Knotwell


I know its a long time ago but Im still sorting out my OTP observations of up to 25 years ago to log them on OTP website.

I noted several items of OTP that are not on the website as follows:-

1) Balfour Beatty running number 422 Wickham Rail RTW32

2) 3 Slewers 82003-343 and 85018 and 62508 were dumped here.

Ted Knotwell 12/11/2015

Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

Thanks Ted for taking the time to add old sightings. Your queries often add more detail to some older entries or help us remember long lost machines. It also helps narrow down any sketchy disposal dates.

Roy Hennefer

Roy Hennefer

Ted, Do your notes show if the BB Wickham had a VRN? I think the only RRV 'Wickham' that they had was E261 AHE of which there is a photograph of mine on OTP. My trusted copy of 'The Wickham Works List' by Keith Gunner and Mike Kennard quotes a Works No of 11676 for this vehicle. Roy.

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