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Fairwater- Maidenhead

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What I originally tried to post to OTPgen last night!


Just passed me at Tilehurst 7pm - has done last two evenings too although couldn't see it on RTT.

Looks like Matisa set and sleeper wagons on rear. Any consist appreciated as ever! Thanks


Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

Today's consist:

66507 +

NR 12955 JJA

NR 12951 JJA

7093010021 IFA

DR 92438 YDA

DR 92474 YDA

DR 76750 ZWA

DB 979121 YSA

DR 78831 YJA

DR 78821 YJA

DR 78811 YJA

DR 78801 YJA

7046290183 IFA

7046290324 IFA

7046290472 IFA

7046290357 IFA

7046290167 IFA

7046290092 IFA

+ 66501

That was identical to that on the 9th, apart from one of the autoballasters, so I would say that everything bar those (those two may have even been on it too last night) would have been what you saw last night.

ta JTC on gen groups.

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Ben Williams Editor

Thanks Dan

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Ben Williams Editor

Passed me at Goring tonight so got a better view... Thanks again

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