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Gullick & Dobson narrow gauge tampers

Ted Knotwell

Ted Knotwell


Im just catching up on some OTP observations in 1996 and saw 2 of these ng tampers at Yorkshire Engineering Long Marston on 08/06/1996.

One of them was destined for the Welsh Highland. Has anyone any more info on these 2 machines??.

All best wishes

Ted Knotwell

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Some answers in the comments here..

Suspect the "2" you saw are the two parts pictured?

Ted Knotwell

Ted Knotwell


Bob Darvill has kindly supplied details of these 2 Gullick & Dobson tampers as follows:-

1) BL009 built 1986 - originally supplied to NCB Trentham training centre and arrived at Long Marston Yorkshire Engine Co on 10/01/1996 from Staffordshire Locomotives, Crosshouses then regauged to 1ft 11 1/2 inches - to Bala Lake rly 13/06/1997, then to Welsh Highland, Dinas 19/07/1997.

2) BL005? - from NCB Harworth and arrived at Long Marston 10/01/1996 also from Staffordshire Locomotives and regauged to 3ft, then to Trackwork for Manx Electric railway contract, then to Trackwork Doncaster 26/02/2001.

Ted Knotwell

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