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GWMl Electrification MPV's on WCML?

David Burgess

David Burgess

Thought I had recorded 76922 and 76923 correctly on 6X81 Carnforth to Crewe working 09:30 (Sun 9 May). There were at least 3 others in the formation together with 98003. Would this be correct as I have not known them to work this area before? If anyone as any of the other id's that would be much appreciated. Many thanks

Nick Tompkin avatar

Nick Tompkin

David, yes it's correct as I have seen a photo of this move on a Facebook Group. I can't be certain, but believe this is likely to be the same rake which moved up to Crewe on 9th April, and this comprised 76906, 76919-923 inclusive, 98003 and wagon 97301.

It appears that following the GWML electrification finally being completed, some of these HOPS vehicles are being redeployed in the UK.

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