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Greg Hartle

Hi there, a member of Loram staff kindly informed me this is currently situated at their base in Derby.In fact, it could be seen from a distance (London Rd bridge) yesterday adjacent to the running lines.I've not added it yet as tbh I would like to get a better look at it, but also I am unsure of the consist/formation of the train.

What vehicle numbers are involved in this please? Thanks,


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Greg Hartle

Can anyone help?

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Ben Williams Editor

Greg if you search HOBCS5 that will give you some of the main vehicles but things change so much we wouldn't be able to say what was definitely there until someone reports them.

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Greg Hartle

Yes it's the main vehicles I'm interested in, there only seems to be two involved, thought there might be more?

76504 & 76802

Hoping to try and get a better look at it, but it is most certainly present at Derby Loram..

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Nick Tompkin

Greg, these are accompanied by 92477 and 92478 usually and indeed they all arrived via the Chunnel Tunnel together.

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Greg Hartle

Ahh right, thanks Nick I thought there was more to it machinewise other than just them two... just to be clear, it isn't a full consist with all the intermediate wagons etc, it is just the main machines which by the looks of it, seeing as they're at the works end of Loram rather than the Network Rail testing section, are here for an exam.I have now also spotted the support wagons, well at least one anyway no doubt the other one is around too.

I shall not enter it as an official sighting unless I can be sure to see all the four machines clearly..

Many thanks

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