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LTS sightings 2/2/19

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Paul Cheesemore

Thought I would have a day out in Southend today and saw the following I cant I/d - any pointers would be appreciated

Pitsea - just east of the station is a Platform Lift (PL0xx)

Leigh-on-Sea - west of the station is a small 4w trailer (bit smaller than one that works with a r/r) Also there today was a Aspins 940xxx+010xxx

The Mini 4-4 and 2 trailers are viewable at Barking NR but blocked in by a van!!


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Ben Williams Editor

The platform lift is interesting as there's not many - if any - able to be used on mainline now? Likely candidate is the "forgotten" PL060 which languished at Rochford for years...?

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Paul Cheesemore

Cheers Ben for the info

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Nick Tompkin

I had a circular trip to Southend this evening and was able to confirm that there is a Platform Lift dumped at the very east end of Pitsea Yard, not visible from the station. As PL060 has gone from Rochford (the AP which this was parked partially across being used heavily currently for OHLE wiring renewals on the branch), it is safe to assume it is one and the same machine.

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