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Siemens trailers at Derby

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Greg Hartle

There has been some engineering work over in the siding, which formerly lead you in to the Locomotive works.It is now adjacent to the Roundhouse College.

I could see a couple of trailers stacked together, but no 99709.... identification numbers.

All I saw was written in black marker pen on the edges 'Siemens 12505' & 'Siemens 12506'

Is it possible to attain the identities of these two vehicles from this?



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Vince Website editor

Sorry for the late reply, I don't think it'll be possible to identify these without getting up-close and examining them. Did you manage to get a clear photo of them?

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Ben Williams Editor

Suspect these might be similar to the trailers visible at North Pole depot - i.e. used for moving components around the depot site internally rather than the trailers listed on here that are used as part of general track maintenance.

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Ben Williams Editor

...alternatively could they be new translator wagons?

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