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Bryan Blundell

Bryan Blundell

With the amount of requests for details that appear on here now and the consequent amount of mislocated or double sightings.

Should it now be policy that if you cannot confirm the sighing yourself then it does not count?

I am probably as guilty as anyone in this asking for detail of a machine that I could see but not clearly enough to confirm number.

I will duck for cover now.

Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

I would agree - if you're not over 80% certain based on your own eyesight then it would be sensible not to add to website please.

Everyone has their own rules about what 'counts' based on accuracy of their source. Please also remember that once entered on here sightings appear on people's watchlists and there has been at least one case where someone has made a wasted journey based on inaccurate information!

So yes please be careful about what is added.

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