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Strange Sightings at Chesterfield - TRAC depot

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

Have noticed a couple of Strange Sightings Attributed to "Chesterfield - TRAC depot" recently

Both being Large Track Machines

Doubt if they would be there?

Could be wrong there there though.

Todays one was 75401 (28-09-2018)

Attributed to Andrew Martin..

Spoke to Andrew Martin without the dot and he was in Manchester all day and he didn't record the sighting

The other was 75404 18-09-2018

Can anyone shed any light on these and are TRAC Taking on large machine o/haul??

Vince avatar

Vince Website editor

It's more likely a case of someone selecting the wrong "suggested" location when entering sightings.

Also some people have the same names as other people. Rare, but it happens.

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

There's also a few large machines that have been wrongly attributed to Sittingbourne - TXM Plant depot rather than just Sittingbourne. I've nearly submitted something similar once myself!

Jarrod Barker

Jarrod Barker

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

My own Classics have been Saxonwold as opposed to Westhandaxwood


Looking for Edinburgh Trams under Gogar instead of Edinburgh Trams. Thanks to Vince for the pointer to look under E for Edinburgh (Argh!!)

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