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Ben Williams Editor

This passed me earlier with several Kirow switch & crossing wagons.


If anyone sees the consist posted anywhere please let me know

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

66419 +

640505 FEA

640506 FEA

640501 FEA

640502 FEA

640504 FEA

640503 FEA

112002 OCA

7092280215 IFA

7092280223 IFA

7092280249 IFA

7092280231 IFA

7093780221 IFA

979108 YRA

7092280116 IFA

7092280132 IFA

7092280140 IFA

7092280124 IFA

7093780213 IFA

JTC posted the above this morning (from the system), hope that helps.

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Ben Williams Editor

Thanks Dan. Looks right as the first half of train was flat wagons with sleepers on.

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