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Track machine at Bombardier Works, Derby..

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Greg Hartle

What looks like a yellow liveried, large machine (not new) is visible on the site, viewable from the London Rd entrance car park.It is situated on the roads up the middle, close to one building.At first, I thought it may have been 999800/1 from Eastleigh Works, but since looking at photos I've realised it isn't them.

Very interesting, as I've never seen a track machine in the carriage works before...

Can anyone help?


Greg Hartle

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Ben Williams Editor

Send us a photo Greg if possible. Thanks

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Vince Website editor

Could it be a road-rail shunter thing like this on the left?


I remember a GrantRail Kirow crane was there back in 2001 shortly after delivery.

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Greg Hartle

No it's not that Vince, I see that all the time...It's a big proper track machine, like a grinder or a tamper, short like 999800/1...Doesn't look new though.

I would Ben but it's a distance away up between the main buildings.

I'll have another look tomorrow and update more detail, if it's still visible of course..

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

DR98008 perhaps?

Or a similar length to DR79201?

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