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Track Machine At Rhyl

Ian P Costello

Ian P Costello

Yesterday 18th May 2016 I had to go to Abergele for an appointment. I went on the bus, but had to change at Rhyl bus station which is also the Train station. Before arriving at the Station the bus went down a street where I can see the railway and it was here I noticed a track machine parked up. Not having any equipment with me, ie Binoculars as I was not expecting anything of interest to pass or be at Rhyl station. I would not of been able to read off the track machine if I went on the platform at Rhyl station as it was too far away. I was wondering if anyone might of seen the track machine at Rhyl and may of been able to read the number on it. If so could anyone let me know what it was, I would be very grateful for any information on it. Thank you.

Kind Regards

Ian C

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