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Trip up to Scotland unknowns

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

Some of these Jim Gillies could answer perhaps?

On the 17th May:

At Shettleston depot, viewed from the train, there were 7 or 8 baskets parked outside, most were Manitous, but there was one blue and yellow Genie there too.

At Cowlairs NR depot there was a Fuso, a Unimog U400 and another van or lorry type vehicle, as well as a Kubota RTV900.

Slightly further down there were four Story Manitous, the only one I managed was Mewp06.

There were four more of them at Croy.

On the 22nd:

There were 2 SBRail track machines in Inverkeithing Yard, one was DR77001, the other I can't work out. It was a 'longer' style, like 73803 or 73941 for instance.

On the 23rd:

I saw Morgan Sindall 942088 just North of Berwick Upon Tweed. Just South of the station there was another identical one.

Near York yards was a McCulloch TRT, I think it may have been 23?

At Carlton on Trent (approx) there were 2 SPL baskets

At Barkston South Junction there was a Quattro excavator and Mecalac

Finally, there were two TRTs near to Finsbury Park

If anyone knows any of the above it would be greatly appreciated, especially those in Scotland.


Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

Hi Dan

Some Good News & some not so good

Shettleston on 17th

The Torrent MEWPS there have been pretty static there for the last while and my last noted list around that time was on the 14th

Would almost guarantee that the following would be what you would have seen

T141401 / 403 / 408 / 420 / 557 / 558 / 560 / 563

The Genie IS AB2000 RRG 677

Cowlairs NR is pretty static but haven't noted them for a while but can check with the Guys at Shettleston NR for Some Help

A Positive for Cowlairs AP on that actual date. There were 4 Story MEWPS on could only ID 2 Which were definitely 011 & 012

Haven't been to Gartshore Cement Works AP (Nr Croy) for ages so cant help There I'm afraid.

Hope this of help

May get some Cowlairs NR Stuff at a later date


Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

That's great, many thanks Jim.

ashford steve avatar

ashford steve

TRT27 was noted yesterday (24/05) unable to get the other

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