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What Constitues a sighting

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

What would constitute a 1st ever sighting

Conversion No.

Build No


Fleet No.

or what combination of the above listed

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Ben Williams Editor

Hi Jim

I think you are talking about first sightings of brand new vehicles? I would say if you are 100% sure of any of the above it would still be a 'sighting' and then as more details become available the gaps get filled in on here.

Is that what you mean?

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies



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Vince Website editor

This topic wouldn't happen to stem from your recent "first" sightings of the two Genies, only to then find that someone has seen them already during conversion a few months ago?

To clarify situations like this, we do sometimes end up with two or three records for the same vehicle when partial snippets of data are known (ie one person records a build number, one records a conversion, and one a RIV - we end up with three records!). As time progresses, the data becomes clearer and we end up having to merge some records to create a main single record. As a consequence, the main record suddenly has many more sightings!


Regarding "first" sightings, some people (myself included) do sometimes count a sighting if the vehicle has no rail-wheels or even yellow paint, but will obviously become an RRV (ie it's pre/mid conversion at Rexquote/GOS/LH etc). In most cases, a snippet of info has been gleaned about the machine, such as a build number or in rare cases, a piece of paper in the windscreen with notes about future RIV number!

(Also, some people do see things and don't record it on the site, so your "first" may only be the "first recorded")

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies


2 Genie's were the point.

You had emailed me to keep an eye open out for new Kit going to TRAC.

The 2 genie's were amongst those items listed and that there was No RIV/Build/Conversion/Fleet nos. known

Managed to see them at Castlecary AP but to get build & conversion nos. had to negotiate thru 3" of watery mud.

Good 1st sightings for All details Me Thinks

My mistake was possibly just using the search for RIV no. A lesson which will not be forgotten

Anyway after my sightings were posted to Gen and the RIV & SV nos. were put together the whole units details were there and could be seen

I had to update my sighting and was surprised that mine's indeed was not the 1st sighting.

Bubble Burst bah!

Well done Roger!

Wont stop me still trying to get all the info.

Thanks for clarifying the various nuances of 1st Sightings or first recorded

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