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11 years old!

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Vince Website editor

It's that time of year again - the website's birthday! Today we have hit 11 years!

Thank you everyone who has contributed over the years; and a huge thanks goes out to Ben, John & Nick who have helped with the running of the site!

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Nick Tompkin

And a huge thanks to you for all you have done over the 11 years!

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Ben Williams Editor

Its a pleasure to be involved. I really feel that as more people join in the more interesting it becomes. We've had some great photos submitted this year - both current "action" shots and amazing archive pictures. We've also had interesting discussions in the photo comments, and this is what really keeps the site alive - long may it continue under photos and also right here.

Thanks to Vince for the new features - I think we have had a record number of new things to play with this year! Personalised sightings, favourite photos and "watchlists" via the new registration process, the mobile website, a revamped locations section and of course this forum. If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to start a new topic here.

And yes - thanks to Nick and John for keeping the RR side up to date despite being busy with other things! I believe we may have a RR news summary coming soon...

Roy Hennefer

Roy Hennefer

Many thanks to all involved, where would we be without ontrackplant.com??

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Ben Williams Editor

Vince has also reshuffled the front page so that the recent forum topics, comments and news all now appear as well as more photo thumbnails.