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250,000 sightings!

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For those who are interested statistics, the ontrackplant.com sightings database reached the 250,000 (quarter of a million) mark today!

Of the 250,000 sightings, 71% of those are large OTMs, wagons, snowploughs & trolleys; 25% are road-railers; and the remaining 4% are trailers.

73905 "Eddie King" is the most sighted machine with 572 observations, and 73108 "Tiger" is snapping at his heels with 518. S528VOP is the most reported road-railer, having been seen 169 times, no doubt due to it's storage at a popular location.

Keith G holds the record for the "oldest" sighting from 1960.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, please keep your sightings coming in! We always welcome sightings, both current and historic - if you have any old notebooks with sightings in, dig them out. :)