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New Website Updates for 2017

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The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice a new look to the website. Along with this new look comes a number of new & improved features, a few of which have been gradually rolled out over the last few weeks.

I hope you enjoy these features. I do have a couple of tweaks to do this week; but if you have any problems, issues or suggestions then please get in touch!

New Menu System

There is so much information on the site and some of it was hard to find. The menu at the top of the website has been totally revamped, which should help you find things easily. Just hover your mouse over the appropriate menu item to see links to different pages.

Vehicle Data Pages

The vehicle profile pages have had a tidy up, hopefully now being less cluttered. Sightings and comments are now in "tabs" meaning you're not bombarded with information when you view the page.


We have a new sightings landing page allowing you to dig further back into our monthly sighting archives, view popular locations and view special trip reports.

Some sightings pages now have filters allowing you to just view sightings of large machines, RRVs, trailers etc.

Fleet & Class Lists

Previously you could only see company fleet lists for road-railers. We have now expanded our offering by having fleet lists for large machines, small machines, trolleys, snowploughs, wagons, trailers & attachments (yes, trailers & attachments too).

As well as company fleet lists, we now also have class lists for all types of vehicle - i.e. you can view a list of all Colmar T10000FS road-railers or all Windhoff Ballast Brooms etc.


Lists have a slightly new format. Information, all sightings & your sightings are also now in "tabs".

Lists now have a filter at the top which allow you to toggle what's shown on the list and change the order.

Your Photos / Favourite Photos

You can now filter your personal photos and favourite photos gallery by type year.


If you have uploaded photos to the website, there is now a page showing you if anyone has left a comment on them.

Log Sightings

As you start typing in the "location" box, you should see a few suggestions. This should help keep everyone's locations constistent and ensure more sightings show on location profiles.

RIV Lists

RIV lists now show your sightings.

You now have the option to see Irish RIV lists - select the "99609" option from the main RIV page, or from the filters at the top of the specific RIV list (if available).


We've mentioned this before but not pushed it - if you know that you have any friends registered on the site, you can compare your sightings with them. If you go on spotting trips with them, you can also log sightings on their behalf and vice-versa. To add a friend, you will both need to contact us granting permission to be added as each other's friends.

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