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The Future of yahoogroups - OTPgen and departmentals

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Vince Website editor

Some of you may have recently received emails from yahoogroups about how their service is "evolving". Despite the word, the service is doing anything but that - it is being totally stripped down into essentially just an email distribution service.

The biggest changes are that they are removing all hosted files, photos, and the entire message archives!

If any of you have uploaded files/photos to the group and want to save them, visit this link before SATURDAY 14th DECEMBER.

I have made a backup of the entire message archives of the two groups (with the exception of a few recent posts). If there is demand, I aim to upload them to ontrackplant/departmentals websites and build a search facility so you can look at old messages. Would people be interested in this?

The biggest elephant in the room is the future of the two groups. It's apparent that their use is dwindling, with only one or two posts a month, compared to 200/300++ in their heyday. With searchable message archives, we may just call it a day and close both of the groups down as they seem a bit redundant?... If you need to ask questions, you can continue to do so in this site's forum; upload photos here; log sightings; get "watchlist" email alerts etc.

Thoughts welcome...

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Ben Williams Editor

Yahoo is a nightmare in every way. Searchable archive of messages would probably be useful but think we just shut the groups and consign them to the history books. They served their purpose in the early days.

Talking of history - isn't a certain website approaching a big birthday? ;)

Roy Hennefer

Roy Hennefer

The OTP Team go from strength to strength. Well done.

Lerpass Mapter

Lerpass Mapter

Just a suggestion...

Why not try a real forum, such as something based on phpBB or SMF, which is free (free as base forum software, obviously server costs to add).

I have been an admin on a Vbulletin forum for many years, I wouldn't suggest going to Vbulletin (they have lost their way), but it is similar to phpBB and I found phpBB pretty good, can have various forum sections to include all your interests in rail plant and rolling stock, etc?

Just a thought as asked....

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Ben Williams Editor

Just to bump this again.

It seems Yahoogroups are now definitely closing.

Both OTPgen and departmentals groups have seen very little activity lately.

In terms of sister website there is a Forum post on there which links to the Test Trains io group which frequently lists current formations and workings.

When I update the site with photos or anything interesting I will make more use of the departmentals Twitter account Please follow!

There is also an ontrackplant Twitter account as well of course!

While I'm here I'll also mention the other sister website Trainlogger which has a wider rail interest - all locos, units (and large items of plant also listed there.)

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Alex Betteney

My Yahoogroup (I believe) was shut down and archived some time ago now, and I'd thought the same had occurred with most other groups. OTPgen was useful in the early days of the website, but has been overtaken by newer technology.

Well done to the OTP admin team for keeping things going, and hopefully continue as new platforms evolve!

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Ben Williams Editor

Thanks Alex.

It says the deadline is Dec 15th but I tried to send a message yesterday and as far as I can tell it didn't go through so it appears the groups are already closed. Annoying as it would have been useful to get the message above out to the old members by email...

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Ben Williams Editor

I think we did finally manage to get a message out to both Yahoogroups members.

Please now follow the Twitter accounts listed above or post on the forums. Thanks