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Wickham Type 40 trolleys

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Whilst looking through the Wickham lists, I note that we have all of these listed as "Type 40". One thing that puzzles me is they all look so different!

  • Thumbnail ni_wickham_714-1
  • Thumbnail 68000
  • Thumbnail 9040

Have we got our listings wrong, ie do they have variants (like 17/17A, 27/27A etc)?

Can anyone help explain this please!


Roy Hennefer

Roy Hennefer

The following is from 'The Wickham Works List' by Keith Gunner and Mike Kennard. A must for all those interested in OTP.

714 - Works #8920 is a Type 40 Mk.II/Z TC.

68000 - Works #7844 is a Type 40 Mk.1.

9040 - Works #6963 is a Type 40 Type 40 Mk. II.



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