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Wickham Weekender Event 2023 - Somerset & Dorset Railway at Mids

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Jonathan Flood

Posted for & on behalf of SDJR at Midsomer Norton - https://sdjr.co.uk/

We're having a Wickham Weekender event on our Somerset & Dorset rails at Midsomer Norton on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th July. Our track length is one mile.

Do you have a Wickham you'd like to bring along? We'd love you to bring your trolley along to participate in this event.

For details please contact;

Matt Cornborough,

E-mail mcsdjr@gmail.com

Mobile 07432 142124

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

Hopefully updates about this event including details of attending Wickhams will be posted here.

Some of you may recall the Trolley gala held at the East Anglian Railway Museum in August 1999. This saw the appearance of several trolleys that hadn't been seen for many a year in public. It will be interesting to know if any such trolleys are likely to appear at the Midsomer Norton event and thus will mean the event is not to be missed by those interested in trolleys.

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

Further information about the 2024 event can be found on the Somerset & Dorset Railway at Midsomer Norton website, see Wickham Weekender page https://sdjr.co.uk/events/view/wickham-weekender .  So far resident Type 27 68055 (7504/1956) https://www.ontrackplant.com/otp/68055 and visiting Type 8S A56W (4165/1948) are advertised as participating.