31 May 2002 - thanks to Ben Williams & Vince for this article

Hot on the heels of OTPnet, comes an exciting new website for another topic which isn't widely covered on the 'net - Departmental stock.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to do all of the hard work, so it will be mainly run by Ben Williams - I'm sure that many of you will have heard of him on OTPgen.

The website was launched on 31st of May 2002. We need your help to keep the lists up to date, and therefore if you have seen any departmental stock over the last few years then we need to know about it so that we can include it on the site. A lot of changes have occurred since the last commercially available Departmentals book was last published, so any details of disposals or additions would also be useful. As on OTPnet, we also have a Preserved section as it seems a lot of departmental stock ends up at preservation sites - so again if you have seen ex-departmentals at a preserved site that would also be useful.

Photographs of departmental coaching stock or internal user coaches, vans and wagons would also be most welcome.

We hope that this idea will be well received - OTPnet has become a huge success because of the increasing number of contributions that help to keep the site up to date and informative. I think now there is a similar website dedicated to these vehicles you will hopefully all help this to grow in the same way. Sightings posted to the Departmentals Yahoogroup will update the site in the same way as OTPgen works alongside OTPnet. All sightings will again be credited.

Any past sightings or information / photos can be posted directly to Ben, along with any thoughts or comments. Please continue to post current sightings to the Yahoogroup.

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