Ashford Disposals

3 January 2009 - thanks to Paul Wade for this article

Ashford Disposals

The remnants of 73279 at Ashford

Raxstar have been cutting various wagons at Ashford OTPD during December, but some OTP has been done too...

Confirmed scrapped:





DR73434 & DRP78223 were in the scrap line but we are not sure yet if these have also been done. Again if anyone has any more info please get in touch, thanks!



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  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    It seems the scrap man has now made it to Three Bridges with 73259 already cut and presumably 73313 also next in line? Any confirmation appreciated...

  • Nick Tompkin avatar

    Nick Tompkin

    A report on the Group today states DR73313 was still present this week, but interestingly DR76005 is not mentioned so this may have gone. I believe the scrapman has also dealt with the row of wagons which have been the sole permenant occupants of the yard for some years.

  • Paul Smith

    Paul Smith

    Not seen it put up elsewhere, but 73313 had a appointment with destiny at the start of feb 2010, by the end of the week, all that was left was a deutz engine on a pallet!

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