Breakdown Crane Moves

4 June 2008 - thanks to Ben Williams for this article

Network Rail have recently sent three of their redundant breakdown cranes for scrap...

All were sent to Ron Hull at Rotherham towards the end of May.


96701 was the first to depart MOD Kineton on 21st & 22nd May. This has been resident since at least 1999. It's size meant that it had to be split into two halves with the jib and runner on one lorry and the main body of the crane on another.


The same happened to 96702 which left Old Oak Common in two halves on the evening of 22nd May. This is the crane which was involved in a derailment near Greenford a few years ago.


Finally 96712 left York on 27th May. This had been stored for a long time at Derby Etches Park before further storage in York.

What's Left?

The future doesn't look too good for 96709 at Thornaby which is also out of use but we don't have any more news on that at present.

96710 remains stored at Old Oak Common, while three others remain in active use:

96713 is now based at Wigan.

96714 is Newport / Margam.

96715 is at Toton.



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  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    A few of the Bruff lorries remain at Eastleigh (OOU), Hornsey, Wembley, Longsight & Reading (?) but doubt any of them get used these days - willing to be corrected!

  • RRV Cowboy

    RRV Cowboy

    depending on how big the derailment they tend to use heavy lifting slewing jacks as appose to cranes/bruff lorries

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