Carillion Cull

10 October 2006

Since the last article a few more of Carillion's machines have gone to Booth's scrapyard in Rotherham. Get ready for some huge lists of numbers..

73252, 73253, 73258, 73260, 73262, 73264, 73319, 73801, 77400, 77403, 81524, 81526 and 81531 were mentioned in the previous news round up as being at Booth's.

These have since been joined by 76314, 76315, 78228, 78236, 78238, 81504, 98301 and 98304 which all moved there at the end of September. This takes the total to 23 so far - quite possibly the biggest OTP cull ever?...

73253, 73260, 73262, 73264, 73319, 73801 and 77400 were all noted in September in various stages of scrapping. It looks like one cab of 73264 remains in use as a shed.

73258, 76314, 76315, 98301 and 98304 may be saved - they have all been noted with "Do Not Cut" labels all over them..

What's left?

This is purely speculation at this point, but the following machines could also be Rotherham-bound.

73250 and 76310 are still at Rugby OTPD. The latter has been out of use for many years - I'm surprised that it wasn't one of the first to leave..

77401 which has been dumped at Truro since May.

73315 has been working in the St Pancras area since summer.

73320 hasn't been seen since July at Guide Bridge.

73405 - this seen at Rugby at the beginning of September but not since (despite regular reports).

81518 at Crewe OTPD. Other cranes have left Crewe for Booth's, so this may follow...

What's missing?

76002, 78210, 78220, 78404 and 78405 haven't been seen in a few years. It is thought that they have been scrapped (at Crewe), but this isn't yet confirmed...



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  • okotokspaul avatar


    73258 was being cut up when seen on 28/10 at Booths - both cabs grounded.

  • Vince /// avatar

    Vince /// Website editor

    A quick update:

    All of the 73xxx tampers @ Booths have been scrapped. 77403 and 81531 are also thought to have been scrapped, although unconfirmed.

    73315 is now back at Rugby OTPD (along with Mowlem's 73303).

    73320 is still unaccounted for!

  • Jamie


    Does anyone know if 73315 is Booths bound??

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