Colas Rail acquires Amey's Fleet of Tampers

29 November 2013

Colas Rail acquires Amey's Fleet of Tampers

Amey tamper (photo:

Colas Rail continue to expand their fleet of on-track machines, having just acquired Amey's eight tampers.

Amey were amongst the first to invest in the "next generation" of Plasser & Theurer tampers after privatisation of British Rail in the mid/late-1990s.

The move makes Colas Rail the largest operator of on-track machines in Europe.



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  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    Does anyone know if any of the ex-Amey machines have been repainted into Colas livery yet? Thanks!



    73912 has been painted

    73920 in plasser being painted

    all now have colas stickers on

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