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18 November 2009

A short but necessary note about the use of information on this website.

We were shown a copy of a company's document recently and were surprised and dismayed to see many images lifted straight from this website without permission. The document was produced by a placement student but was authorised by two people at managerial level. This document has been widely circulated within the industry and undoubtedly seen by many people who use this website.

We would therefore like to reacquaint all visitors with the copyright page which clearly states that any info and images found here are for personal use only.

Copies of some images can be purchased from us for use in commercial or staff publications. These will normally also be available at higher resolution - please contact us for details.

We have the capability of blocking personal IP addresses and company email addresses but hope that this will not be necessary.

We take this issue very seriously and will have no hesitation in bringing about legal proceedings against those who abuse the information supplied on this website.



All comments are the opinions of their respective authors, and do not reflect the opinions of If you find an offensive comment and want it removed then please contact us with details.

  • RRV Cowboy

    RRV Cowboy

    A friend of mine contacted me today saying one of my photos appeared in a network rail document / presentation and it even had the copyright name in the bottom left hand corner!

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    We've again been directed towards a website that has clearly lifted many images from this site. An email is about to go out with a large invoice attached - we won last time and absolutely won't accept abuse of the information here.

    Anyone found lifting images from here and posting them elsewhere without asking - be warned! Ask us first or face the consequences. We are also able to report abuse to Google which means their company websites can be removed from search listings.

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