Fastline Disposals (June 2008)

17 June 2008 - thanks to The Fastline Insider for this article

Quite a few Fastline machines have been sent abroad recently, with more to follow...

Back in March, 76307 and 77318 were sent to Poland.

At the beginning of May, long term resident of the former Rugby Carriage Sidings 77701 has been sent to work in North Africa. It has been sold to a company called AVANTGARDE and leased to ASTALDI. It left the country 5th May 2008

More recently, 73305 & 73429 have departed Harwich by boat on saturday June 14th. Destination of these two is Egypt for a company called HIFUSI. 76313 from Bristol and/or 77326 at Hitchin are perhaps also heading the same way although this is unconfirmed at present.

73501 has been sold to a track maintenance company in Italy. This has not yet left the country.

73104 has moved to Bristol after many years of storage at LH Barton under Needwood. Could this also be being prepared for export?

Other disposals

As part of the demolition of the old Exmouth Junction depot, cutting began on long term resident 73235 by the local contractor. However this later stopped as componants are to be recovered before cutting is completed.

It is also rumoured that cutting may soon recommence at York to dispose of the redundant machines there. Watch this space!



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  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    73235 is now apparently reduced to a pile of scrap... whether anything was recovered from it remains to be seen!

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Anyone know which RM74 is currently at LHGS Barton having just had a full yellow repaint and apparently off to Saudi?

    Surely this cant be 76316 as it was definitely still in York at the beginning of the month!


  • Nick Tompkin avatar

    Nick Tompkin

    A report on a couple of Wagon Groups this week suggests that 4 of the warwells latterly used to carry Donelli PD350's have been written off TOPS from Slateford, presumably scrapped on site. Does anyone know if the stored Fastline PD350's which were presumably with them have gone as well?

  • Sledgebloke


    Could be 320 as this was in the process of being removed from Hinksey for export at the start of the month. Can't confirm this as I removed myself from Fastline at about the same time ( Nice cheque arrived in the post last week ).

    P.S Any truth in the rumour that Colas have bought Fastline?

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    76320 was still at Hinksey on 22nd July according to sightings...

  • Bryan


    Some of the older wagons were replaced over the last few years.

    2 wagons were in Leeman rd until recently with 406 + 407 gantries. Since these were placed for cutting the wagons have disapearred. The newer wagons are still around with other gantries.

  • Gerry Desmond

    Gerry Desmond

    DR76320 still at Hinksey on 23rd July. Gone by 28th July.

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Anyone know where 76320 has gone please? Just had it confirmed that it was *not* moved by Allelys...

    And thanks Chris for the info on the LH machine.

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    This is getting complicated! But I've moved sightings of 76313 at LHGS to 76306 instead.

    73501 was due to be off to Italy a month or so back - has that happened or is it still at Nottingham?

    76320 from Hinksey is now also at Nottingham apparently while 73306 is still at York.

    Please keep us posted! And the more sightings people can add from Bristol, York, LHGS and Nottingham the better at the moment! Thanks.

  • Nick Tompkin avatar

    Nick Tompkin

    As of Saturday, DR72203 was inside the workshop at Hitchin, apparently being worked on. DR73001 was parked just outside whilst DR76003 has not been moved from where it has been stored for sometime.

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    I have been told TRAMM 98202 is due to leave Newport on monday.

    This is to join a whole list of machines leaving the country by ship on thursday. The list I have is as follows:

    2 ballast cleaning machines type RM 74

    1 ballast regulator USP 5000

    1 tamping machine 07.275

    1 DTS track stabiliser

    1 other TRAMM

    Assume RM74s will be 76306 at Nottingham and 76320 at Barton

    USP5000 - assume 77314 at Barton

    Tamper 07/275 - assume 73306 at York

    DTS - 72203 at Hitchin? 72209 at Bristol?

    TRAMM - 98221 at Hitchin

    Any confirmation welcome. I'm trying to find out where the ship is departing - suspect Harwich as before?


  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Anyone got any news on this latest shipment please? Last I heard the machines had made it to Hull but which ones exactly we're not 100% sure!

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