Fastline Disposals (January 2009)

1 January 2009

Fastline Disposals (January 2009)

The two Permaquips at Tanfield

Fastline have recently had a clear-out at Doncaster Marshgate...

BP063 - now at Elsecar Steam Railway

BP025 & PC034 - now at Tanfield Railway

...but also some disposals too

The following are now missing / assumed scrapped:

BP009, BP027, BP059 & BP062

PC010, PC011, PC028, PC033 & PC035

Muscleman HTJ3108

Slewers 60128 & 60131

plus the Gator 030553 / MPP10284 and who knows how many EGO4s! Quite a list - shame.

If anyone has any more concrete info please get in touch / leave a comment underneath - thanks!



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  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Yes - we're still trying to get more info at the moment. I am wondering if Fastline have shipped the lot to a third party for selling on via a new location...?

  • Jonathan Flood avatar

    Jonathan Flood

    Owen, I wonder whether you can let me know who I can talk to about the two Wickham trolleys at the Tanfield Railway as I am the moderator of the Wickham of Ware Yahoo! Group and would be interested to know what the plans for these two Trolleys are.

  • Jonathan Flood avatar

    Jonathan Flood

    Did they find DX68038 when they were clearing out Marshgate?

  • Vince  /// avatar

    Vince /// Website editor

    I think 68038 may be one of those mysteries that'll never get solved :(

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Thanks to Peter Hall for the following:

    "In addition to these two machines I understand the Tanfield has also acquired PC035, BP027, Lifter & Slewer 36(RLS3032), Muscleman Q125(HTJ3108) from Fastline.

    BP062 has also been acquired by Elsecar.

    BP009, BP059, L&S 19(RLS3066), PC010, PC011, PC028, PC033 all went to Ron Hull Junior, Rotherham for scrap in 12/08. Presumably all now scrapped."

    Details now amended on the list pages.

  • Andy Prime

    Andy Prime

    There has been a Permaquip Clipper at Darlington North Road station for the last week at least, has a Fastline sticker on it but no other identification that I can see, maybe one of the missing ones ? It is stored adjacent to some preserved wagons.

  • Vince /// avatar

    Vince /// Website editor

    Here's a photo of the mystery Permaclipper that Andy mentions.

    Ben seems to think that it's PC035. If anyone can confirm, that would be great. Thanks.

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    It is confirmed as Andy has just told me that another photo he took from the front has the same silver tape on the windows as my photo last year.

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