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15 July 2010

A few developments with the former Jarvis / Fastline fleet...

A number of auction viewings have taken place with a view to selling off former Jarvis / Fastline assets. As well as general equipment a number of Permaquip Platform Lifts were included at Shettleston and some small trolleys at Darlington.

We believe a number of their Platform Lifts are now also with Network Rail.


It appears all remaining stock at York has been marshalled into one line and moved to the former wagon works for removal by road as shown here and on 9th July DR 77320, DR 77328 and DR 78225 were all seen heading south on the M1. We are told that all ex-Fastline stock is moving to Hitchin for a viewing to potential buyers at a later date. We are told that stock at Guide Bridge, Slateford and Kilmarnock will also move here but the stock at Doncaster Marshgate and Nottingham Eastcroft will remain there. Certainly a recent report from Slateford seemed to suggest a lot of the usual machines were already missing so they may already have started to move?

New preservation purchase

Ultrasonic Bance trolley 098/00 has been purchased by Northumbria Rail and will shortly move to Longhoughton to join the other machines. It was sold from the Fastline fleet at Darlington Park Lane.


SBRail have repainted DR73904, and former Fastline-leased machines DR73940 and DR73941 into their new white livery as illustrated here - DR 73904 and here - DR 73940. Yellow DR 73109 has just received branding on its yellow livery as illustrated here

It is not yet known whether maroon DR 73110 will be repainted but it seems likely.

Fastline oldies

A lot of older machines previously owned by Fastline may not have a very bright future but two in particular will probably not be making their way into any auctions!

DR 78123 at Polmadie and DR 81533 at Willesden F Sidings are both almost certainly rusted to the spot and both quite possibly stranded in their current positions! What will happen to these two will be interesting to see!

This is still very much a fluid situation with last minute changes, sales and moves so any news or sightings appreciated below, thanks.



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  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    Does anyone know if the Fastline stuff at Bristol will be moving too?

  • Geoff Bell

    Geoff Bell

    Hi All

    Visited Guide Bridge Today and it looks like DR 77317, 77321, 77330, 77331, are on the Move as they were coupled together just before noon.



  • Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    Quite a lot of plant has been moving, and apparently there will be a few sale dates. More details when I get them.

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Someone has asked me the whereabouts of 73431 & 73435 last seen at Grantham / Sleaford respectivey back in Feb. Hitchin too?

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    The following was noted at Peterborough this week

    Lot 2 Fastclipper 4 MPP9280 909186-1

    Lot 3 Fastclipper 13 mpp10393 909189-1

    Lot 4 EGO4 ST/03/35 901031-3

    Lot 5 EGO4 RTU 50098 ST/03/39 901044-6 This is down as ST/03/30 on auction sheet

    Lot 6 SE5 SE/0004

    Lot 7 SE5 SE/0006 901028-9

    Lot 11 SE5 SE/0009 901026-3

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    ...there was a regulator stranded at Ruddington too - 77323

    I was told earlier that Hitchin is getting very full now so I'm not sure how much more they will be able to pack in...

  • Midnight Cowboy

    Midnight Cowboy

    77323 left Ruddington weeks ago now, all safely stabled up at York now (well, that's where the lads said it was going)

  • LM


    I doubt it, York is the last place they want to stable machines, as Fastline no longer have insurance to move machines on the network, future movements have to be via road low loader.

    Leeman Road has always been a problem due to the low bridges at each end, hence why the remaining few had to have basic stats done just to move across the yard (shunted) to Holgate for low loader removal.

    RIP Leeman Road :-(

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Its still a very uncertain situation but hopefully everything will slowly start emerging. A number of other machines that were scattered around the network at the time of the collapse are also missing (or not noted for a while at least):








    as well as some of the DTS's.

    I would urge any Fastline sightings to be added to the website please - especially at this time of flux as they may turn out to be crucial final observations!

    On another note - I walked past the small plant depot in Chiswick, west London yesterday (which I didn't know existed until recently!) but, perhaps not surprisingly, there was nothing in the yard outside. Anyone know if this was used for trolleys etc or just machinery? I know the auction viewings are in September at some point although no details on Edward Symmons website at present.

  • j6 man

    j6 man

    magic box shows

    -73101- no location

    73244 wembley yard

    73248 leamington spa

    73272 Toton

    73274 Preston

    77325/77332 York works


    keep 'em peeled

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Thanks J6.

    One other point is that 76003 was seen on a Stobart lorry recently - I believe a preservation group were interested in this and 75203 - anyone know any more please? Is 75203 still at Hitchin?

  • CDJ


    Word on the street is that the scrap conrtactor currently clearing the Shettleston depot (new, unused OHL structures, drums of new cable and anything else metalic cut up and in to scrap skips) will be turning their attention to Slateford in the next few days.

  • LM


    73101 = Marshgate

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Does this mean platform lifts are going to get scrapped at Shettleston? I believe 032, 045 and 067 were there at the last count. Do we know who the contractor is?

  • Kevin Morrison

    Kevin Morrison

    seen one of their super tampers at Barnetby few weeks ago

  • CDJ


    Scrap contractor @ Shettleston / Slateford / Kilmarnock is Redpath from Wooler. All OTMs at Slateford to get cut up (with some component recovery). Platform lifts @ Shettleston reported now to be sold.

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Heanors have told us that they have moved 11 items from York to Hitchin although I'm not sure exactly what other than what has been reported here.

    On another issue the old LWRT wagons at Tyne Yard have apparently now been moved to York - but this is a Network Rail job.

  • Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin

    I passed Slateford twice on the train between Glasgow and Edinburgh on Sat 10th July (out via Shotts, return via Carstairs) and there were about half a dozen machines there but I could only ID 73256 and 73420 (too fast and trees in way). There was also a TRAMM presumably 98204.

  • Dennis Graham avatar

    Dennis Graham

    75203 at Hitchin this morning.

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    I'm told that 98505 and 98204 have been scrapped at Slateford this week - apparently 98505 cannot be towed in formation and is too big to go out by road - shame. 73256, 73420 and 73427 have been prepared and moved outside the depot confines to be towed away and then on by road. Believe they are being towed to Millerhill for loading onto road transport.

    Kilmarnock - the four tampers there are also leaving yesterday / today by road. 73421, 73425, 73428 & 73432.

    Which, as the last two members of Fastline staff working for the administrators leave today, means the end for Fastline in Scotland.

    I'm also told scrapping is happening at York but no more details yet - probably the RDT wagons.

    78233 was reported at Hitchin yesterday as a new arrival as well as two more tampers.

    Interestingly I've also been told two machines were scrapped at Guide Bridge - 73317 we know and presumably the other was the unique 77601? There is also rumour that Hutchinsons have also disposed machines at York and even from Doncaster. Oddly the Doncaster ones are said to have gone to Kingsbury.

    One other thing I forgot to mention is that a RM74 was due to go for export from Bristol - which will be 76309 or 76318.

    A full list of Hitchin and Marshgate would be so useful if anyone can provide please!

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Trying to get my head round what is happening - fun way to spend a Friday night eh?

    Fastline machines with no obvious location or fate at present:

    73244 - last Crewe Gresty yard

    73248, 73270 & 77332 - all last West Ruislip

    73267 - last Hitchin Sep 2009

    73272 - last Nuneaton

    73274 - last Crewe Gresty yard

    73902 & 3 - Nottingham?

    77311 - assumed scrapped Slateford early this year?

    77313 - last York but not reported moved to Hitchin yet

    77323 - last Ruddington

    77325 - last Warrington in March

    77333 - last Bristol Sep 2009

    The four at Guide Bridge should be 77317, 77321, 77330 & 77331 although I'm not sure yet where they were moving to

    81528 - Doncaster Roberts Road?

    81529 - Doncaster Wood yard?

    The Donelli sets

    78406 & 7 and 78416 & 7 - last inside the shed at York Nov 2009

    78427 & 8 - last at York Sep 2009

    78410 & 11 and 78422 & 3 - last at Slateford Oct 2009

    78412 & 3 at Kilmarnock and 78420 & 1 at Millerhill have been seen fairly recently June

    Any more recent sightings of any of the above would be appreciated - thanks!

  • Steve William Wilson-Burgess

    Steve William Wilson-Burgess

    DB979604 (fastline branded) on Heanor Haulage low loader seen heading from York By-Pass to Network Rail Holgate Rd Facility York, 2010/07 20

    At Network Rail Holgate Rd Facility York, 2010/07/21


    DB89005 Power Wagon

    DB979607 +Crane 89112

    Are network Rail refurbishing CWR Trains at York using fastline kit as `christmas trees)

    Steve W-B

  • LM


    All the LWRT kit was owned by Network rail, Fastline just used to operate and maintain them under a contract, hence the branding.

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    We have some (hopefully reliable) news from the hauliers on what has moved so far:

    York to Hitchin (all completed)












    Newton Heath to Hitchin

    All four now completed (77330 today)

    77317, 77321, 77330 & 77331

    Kilmarnock to Hitchin

    Apparently three of the four have moved but sadly we don't know which three of 73421, 73425, 73428 & 73432. The fourth is apparently to move somewhere by rail.


    Interesting one this as we now have the following moving to Mossend next week for road movement:




    & 98505!

    So has it escaped the scrapman after all?

    Mole 2 is to move from Holbeck to Hitchin next week

    76309 was moved from Brsitol to Rotterdam recently for export.

    We also have more sketchy news about two Perch LWRT wagons from Doncaster (not sure where) to York

    and 98006 & 98007 from Ludgershall to York

    Even more sketchy is a report of three cranes from Doncaster to Long Marston. Rumoured to be already sold but this seems unlikely. If anyone can confirm any new arrivals at LM that would be great, thanks.

    Thanks to my contact for this very useful news!

  • Nick Tompkin avatar

    Nick Tompkin

    A report on another group today reports DR73428 as remaining at Kilmarnock on the 31st July so it appears that DR73421, DR73425 and DR73432 are the ones moved to Hitchin

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Updates today:

    DRC78231/34/37 are the three cranes that have moved to Long Marston.

    73267 apparently moved to Bristol last October.

    77311 was scrapped last December by Ron Hulls.

    73001 is the only machine to have moved from Hitchin so far - in two halves (machine & trailer) hence confusion over two moves to Southampton. Destination apparently Durban in SA

    Thanks to SB for Long Marston gen and DD and his contact for the rest!

    We still need news on Slateford Donellis and what is currently at Nottingham please!


  • CDJ (now better known as \"Jock of the Bushveldt\")

    CDJ (now better known as \"Jock of the Bushveldt\")

    "73001 is the only machine to have moved from Hitchin so far - in two halves (machine & trailer) hence confusion over two moves to Southampton. Destination apparently Durban in SA"

    Durban is the nearest port to Jo'burg so likely to be heading to the Gautrain job since the contractor (IRS) has written off an 09 already.......

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Interesting the Symmons OTP flyer lists a TASC45 - might be tricky.

  • Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    Waiting word back from Brynn about some items. Forth Banks is completely empty now.

  • CDJ / \"Jock of the Bushbeldt\"

    CDJ / \"Jock of the Bushbeldt\"

    73001 reported as offloaded @ Durban. Will advise when it appears at Midrand Depot.

  • martin Foster avatar

    martin Foster

    3 Fastline just passed me heading south on the M74

  • martin foster avatar

    martin foster

    I will put in the missing word this time.

    3 Fastline tampers just passed me heading south On the M74.

  • Transport Manager

    Transport Manager

    Another selection of missing words to add

    On the back of 3 lorries ( hopefuly ) .

    Would have been 73256 , 73420 & 73427 , lifted from Mossend

  • CDJ (Jock of the Bushvelt)

    CDJ (Jock of the Bushvelt)

    DR73001 arrived and craned on to track this afternoon at Midrand: still bearing DR73001 numbering and Fastline logo. A welcome arrival given the 08/32 collided with a ballast wagon on Monday night (second tamper here to have a "little accident"). Looking forward to DR73001 performing as it did on the ECML in happier times.

  • 07  Forever  ( Posssibly Not )

    07 Forever ( Posssibly Not )

    An almighty gathering of tampers at Hitchin now , according to the sightings list there are now 23 07 type machines & 1 09 machine . This is for Hitchin only , there are a fair few still in other parts of the country

    Could this be a record no of 07 s in one location in the UK , as unless they were delivered as one almighty batch when new ( extremely doubtful ) they tended to be scattered around the network .

    Is there any other news regarding what is next for these machines , as more than a few are basically good for nothing except the torch ( Dead engines , no tamp banks , no gearboxes etc etc )

    A few are almost in as built condition by Plasser 30 + years ago , still having original wiring & these were allowed to continue working ( or rather continue not working ) whilst machines which were fully refurbihed in early 2000s were exported & parked up with various problems .

    All history now though .

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Had some interesting news tonight - thanks to my contact!

    Firstly - apparently 81533 was moved from Willesden F to Alstom a couple of weeks' back and then on to Ron Hulls by road for scrap.

    Around the same time an RM74 was moved from Nottingham to Plassers. I'll try to get more on this next week.

  • Bryan Blundell

    Bryan Blundell

    Word on 81533 is that 20K might secure it if you move quickly.

  • Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    For Ron Hull Jnr - Tel 01709 524115 or fax 01709 521702

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    The revised "missing list" is now as follows so any more info welcome

    73248 last West Ruislip

    73267 - last Hitchin Sep 2009

    73307 - Nottingham?

    77323 - last Ruddington

    77325 - last Warrington in March (Edge Hill? possibly with 73274?)

    77333 - last Bristol Sep 2009

    81528 - Doncaster Roberts Road

    81529 - Doncaster Wood yard

    The Donelli sets

    78406 & 7 - last inside the shed at York Nov 2009

    78427 & 8 - last at York Sep 2009

    78410 & 11 and 78422 & 3 - last at Slateford Oct 2009

    78412 & 3 at Kilmarnock and 78420 & 1 at Millerhill

  • J6 man

    J6 man

    magic box shows

    73248 Leamington spa

    73267- no location

    73307-no location

    77323,77325 and 77333 york works

  • J 6 man

    J 6 man

    drp 81528 reported at Doncaster ECD

    drp 81529 reported at Marshgate

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Thanks for the info but "magic box" locations for OTP are nearly always inaccurate! York works is a storage possibility though...

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Anyone near Doncaster able to check if 81528 and 81529 are still present at Hexthorpe and Wood Yard? If I remember rightly the Hexthorpe / Roberts Road one is visible from one of the roads around the back. This would be very useful.

    A full list of Marshgate would also be useful :)


  • martin foster avatar

    martin foster

    I eill have a look at Roberts Road on wednesday.

  • martin foster avatar

    martin foster

    Had a quick look today and could not see any plant in Roberts road.

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    I'm told 76308 left Allelys for Southampton and export on 13th Sept. Surprisingly this just leaves three RM74s left in the country...

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Some of the ex-Fastline Donellis have turned up but we are still missing the ones from Millerhill, Slateford (x4) Kilmarnock and York. Someone must know where they are or what happened to them!? Please contact me by email - the info can remain anonymous. Thanks.

    Meanwhile 72214 has arrived at Southampton - heading for UAE apparently...

    As well as the Donellis the remaining outstanding queries:

    73274 - possibly Edge Hill?

    73307 - presumed inside at Eastcroft?

    77323, 77325 & 77333 - York works?

    73267 - presumed inside at Bristol?

    73248 - still at West Ruislip? Leamington Spa also mentioned?

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    The 925xx sleeper and rail delivery wagons at Roberts Road - a lot of these were part dismantled when I last saw them - anyone know of their fate now? Some were also at York. I also see some have gone to Long Marston but a full list would be very useful!

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    As well as all the Fastline stuff it seems Balfours also have a sale on - Hither Green on 23rd Nov for anyone interested

  • Sat Nav

    Sat Nav

    According to flyer , sale is at Hother Green !

    Directions Anyone

  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    It's quite obviously Hither Green. Details in the locations section.

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