Grant Plant mysteries!

7 September 2008 - thanks to Ben Williams & Brian Stanway for this article

Some machines have appeared at Grant Plant's yard in Frodingham recently that we know nothing about!

VolkerRail lorry

Firstly we have a large road-rail Renault lorry which is branded VolkerRail and carrying Dutch registration BP-LJ-22

Access Platform

Next there is a small yellow road-rail access platform branded "Sky High" - the only ID on this is apparently XB0266 (very faint) and international number 972006-9.

Small machine

Finally we have a small blue machine which apparently has "CEP 45904" stenciled on it.

Photos have been added to the photos section today (7th Sept.).

If anyone knows anything about any of these please let us know!

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  • Dave Shell

    Dave Shell

    As mentioned under the photo of CEP 45904 I think this RMMM is a Fastclip installer / extractor.

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