Meanwhile, up at York...

20 October 2006 - thanks to Lerpass Mapter for this article

Meanwhile, up at York...

Fastline have been getting in on the scrapping action too.

73220, 73227, 73301, 73304, 76218 and 76220 have been scrapped on-site at York OTPD by Ron Hull's of Rotherham...



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  • Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels

    This machine was cut up on the exact same siding that the PBI 84 Stone Blower was sat for some time. Just a bit of fun here, but this is a true story. A certain EX member of staff rode a kids pushbike along the PBI roof (as a bet/prank) but as he did the Workshop manager walked past, saw him, shrugged, turned around and walked away! And I know that certain member of staff will see this message :-)

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Yes there is - if you are interested you better be quick because I

    think the deadline for tenders is tomorrow! Go to the sister website search for 320645 and there are all the details

    in the comments under the photo (including the EWS website address.)

  • Sir Jav Stamper

    Sir Jav Stamper

    Meanwhile Up in Scotland looks like Jarvis/Fastline disposal has migrated north with 73422 cut up at Perth & a start has been made on 73236 , 73218 & 73225 at Slateford

  • Tam Perop

    Tam Perop

    NWR told plant companies several years ago of future plant requirements , a big reduction of plant was on cards . Since these were older machines what was other option ??? . Lots of nationalised industries were sold off at less than value of plant / vehicles , you dont see Freightliner or BRS etc using 30 - 40 year old lorries , . Times move on , technology proceeds at a rate of knots , , spares supply for obsolete stock is non existent , NWR want ALC , PALLAS , etc , No time for these mcs was up , value of scrap has risen once more , I could go on .....

    WHat about Carillions newer 07s ? burnt up Not a travesty commercial sense you certainly could not sell these on & why continue to throw money at them for stat tests ( VIBT Air Receivers UAT ) etc .. Get shot of them ,their work is done ......... Move on

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