More Website Features

15 October 2010

More Website Features

Instead of writing Shakespeare, the monkeys have been busy behind the scenes adding new features to the website.


The locations section on the website has become rather out-of-date. Companies have gone. Depots have closed/been demolished etc.

It's not an easy job for a couple of people to keep all the locations up-to-date, so this is where you come in. I've now made it so any registered user can add a location to the site.

It would be great if you could add some of your favourite locations to the site, be it a large OTPD, a RR depot, a preservation location, sidings - anything - as long as OTP/RR can usually be seen there!

When adding a location, there should also be a map feature so you can pinpoint the location on a map. I have big plans for this side of things in the future so stay tuned!

You can view the improved locations section here.

I hope you find the new features useful. If you have any problems, queries, suggestions etc then please leave a comment below.

Thanks, Vince



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  • Martin Evans

    Martin Evans

    Hi Vince,

    It would be great to see two location lists.

    The first for rail linked locations where large rail machines can be found at OTP depots eg, Hitchin, Rugby etc and maybe for non-depot locations where plant is often stabled eg, Bletchley, Broxbourne.

    The second could be for road-railer depots eg, Readypower at Kings Langley, Hydrex at Thorney Mill as these tend to be located away from the railway and often hidden away on industrial estates.

    A third could be for regularly used access points where RRs can usually be found, although this could result is almost every station and access point being listed in the long term!


  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    Thanks Martin - I have considered splitting the lists up like that, and have now had some time to do so. I've also added a a preservation location category.

    Now for people to submit some of their favourite locations to pad the section out!...

  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    Ooops, there was a slight issue with editing locations, now hopefully resolved. If anyone has any problems, please contact me!

    Cheers, Vince

  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    Big Mac - sorry, I think there was a slight bug with the website, but I think I have fixed it. Clicking on the map should now add a pinpoint - please let me know if not..


  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    Thanks everybody who has added locations so far - please keep them coming!

    Have added a new mini-feature to individual locations page - if there are any locations near to the one you're viewing then a little list should appear. Hopefully this will be useful when planning trips out :)

    Also, if you have written a location, you can see if anyone has commented on it by clicking the "comments on your photos/locations" in the top menu when logged in...

  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    Lots of great locations so far - thanks everyone.

    There are still lots of gaps around the country - if a location near you is missing, please add it! :)

  • dean thom

    dean thom

    the 'improved location section' link doesn't work for me??

  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    Hi Dean - due to various reasons it has now been replaced with the preservation section.

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