Nene Valley Railway - DR98500 Relaunch

6 July 2011

Nene Valley Railway - DR98500 Relaunch

Smashing the champagne...

Six years ago DR98500, a Plasser TASC45, moved from Perth to the Nene Valley Railway for preservation. Earlier this year, work was finally completed on machines and a small ceremony was held last week to celebrate completion of the work.

Here's a short press release from the Nene Valley Railway...

Nene Valley Railway is delighted to announce that an old line maintenance railway vehicle has now been fully renovated and is now operational - to help NVR’s volunteers improve care of the railway.

This railway vehicle is known as a TASC machine – TASC stands for Track And Service Car. It was one of only 7 built in 1985, but was out of use by 1998, and was found derelict at Perth, Scotland in 2005.

TASC machines were used by British Rail mainly in Scotland for track inspection and light engineering duties – and some ran in the Highlands before the first passenger train of the day to check for any obstructions on the route, and importantly the TASC was able to undertake minor works.

Our TASC machine was kindly donated by Amey Rail in 2005 and transported to NVR, where renovation has taken place since, mainly by NVR volunteers. We are also very grateful to Plasser of Ealing, London (the original builders) who gave their advice and some replacement parts. Funding for the renovation work has come mainly from donations by NVR’s own members.

The machine had been totally vandalized, and several parts were missing. Some spare parts were recovered from a sister machine at Rutherglen, Glasgow, just 3 days before it was scrapped. The engine was found to be seized and had to be rebuilt and total renovation has taken 6 years.

Our TASC machine will be used by NVR volunteers for many duties to help look after our track, signaling, bridges and lineside. It will bring huge benefits to our railway.

Some photos of the machine in it's refurbished state to follow soon...



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  • Paul Cheesemore avatar

    Paul Cheesemore

    Well done lads you've done a great job!! Look forward to seeing it in all its glory!!

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