Network Rail Selling Ballast Cleaning Vehicles

1 March 2018

Network Rail Selling Ballast Cleaning Vehicles

RM95RT ballast cleaner

Network Rail are currently in the process of disposing of a large number of redundant assets - mostly vehicles from the early ballast cleaning system.

All bids need to be in by 17:00 on March 13th. I imagine these vehicles will definitely be beyond the reach of the individuals/preservationist audience of the website.

The following machines are available...

2 plasser and theurer RM95 Ballast Cleaners

Plasser and theurer MFS-D and MFS-SB wagons

Plasser and theurer NFS-D wagons and NB-PW power wagon

Plasser and theurer VM80 vacuum extraction vehicles - these were built in 2010 and haven't really seen much use.

If anyone is interested in bidding, then you can view the tender here.


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