Network Rail Selling Three Cowans Sheldon Breakdown Cranes

7 August 2020

Network Rail Selling Three Cowans Sheldon Breakdown Cranes

(photo: R Hennefer)

Network Rail are currently in the process of disposing three of their redundant Cowans Sheldon 75 tonne Diesel Hydraulic Breakdown Cranes.

All bids need to be in by 16:00 on September 2nd 2020. If anyone is interested in bidding, then please get in touch and I'll forward on the relevent details (no dreamers - these are massive machines and will probably cost a lot!).

Cowans Sheldon 75 tonne Diesel Hydraulic Breakdown Crane - ADRC 96710, 96713 & 96715

The three cranes are located at Network Rail/DB Cargo's Wigan Springs Branch depot...

These cranes are diesel-hydraulic powered, high capacity railway breakdown cranes of relieving bogie type, suitable for use on a 1.432 m gauge track within the limits of the W5 loading gauge.

The crane superstructure incorporates full 360-degree slewing and is equipped with main and auxiliary Hoists, the primary function of the auxiliary winch being for hauling purposes.

A two-element telescopic jib is fitted; both derricking and telescoping motions are accomplished with twin derricking and telescoping rams respectively. The superstructure is mounted on a cross roll slewing ring and rotated by means of two identical slew units.

To give maximum crane performance a moveable counterweight is also provided; different positions being utilised for the free-on-rail and in train conditions from that used for blocked conditions and free on rail overend conditions.

The diesel powered hydraulic power pack is mounted on the crane superstructure and contained within an acoustic enclosure.

The crane superstructure is carried on a four axle carriage, the outer two axles incorporating travel gearboxes to provide the crane transmission on site. These gearboxes must be disengaged when travelling ‘in-train’.

In order to allow the crane to negotiate curves down to 80 metres radius + 40 mm of float is provided on the two inner axles.

Hydraulically rotated swing outriggers incorporating hydraulic jacks are situated at each corner of the carriage. These outriggers serve a dual purpose; being used for blocking out the crane and also to provide an extension to the crane carriage when the two beams at each end of the carriage are coupled together. This carriage extension of swing beams is used as the connection between the crane carriage and the relieving bogies. The hydraulic jacks are utilised to load the relieving bogies for the ‘in-train’ condition and unload them for craning conditions.

The crane and relieving bogie suspension is by coil springs with hydraulic damping provided on the two outer crane axles and all relieving bogie axles.

The crane and relieving bogies are fitted with a two pipe air brake system and a direct air brake operable from the users cab when the crane is travelling under its own power.

Please note all viewing requests must be via Network Rail.

NB The cranes are only able to be road hauled from Wigan, a specialist road haulier with suitable experience and equipment will be required.

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    Tender deadline extended to 4pm on 9th September

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    Andrew Cameron - 96710 being exported through Southampton Docks on 2nd March.

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