November 2008 Preservations

26th November 2008

November 2008 Preservations

DX 98710 at Rugby

Another two machines escape the scrapman!

DX 98710

On 25 November Permaquip trolley DX98710 moved from Andover to Rugby courtesy of ColasRail.

Once collected from there, it will mean all four remaining Permaquip Powered Canopy Trollies will be at Longhoughton.

It will be inspected there and a decision will be made on its future.

We would like to thank the various people at ColasRail for their help in making this happen despite various obstacles along the way! The OTPPG have been trying to secure this machine for quite a few years and we are happy to see it finally safe!

Hopefully we will get some more photos soon.


On the same day, the unique Wickham Tunnel Inspection trolley moved from Doncaster to Whittlesea, pending onward movement to a private location in March.



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