9th Birthday!

29 December 2008

29th December sees the website celebrate it's ninth year...

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the very many contributors who have sent in photos, sightings and news over the years - without you it would not have grown into the informative website that it has become today. In particular we would like to thank Roger Butcher, Peter Hall and Alex Hall at NPT Publishing who have continued to help us with updates and to John Griffiths for taking over the everyday running of the Road Railer pages.

With increasing contributions from people who work on the railway too (mainly through photo comments) the site has become much more than a place for numbers - it has hopefully become a place for learning about this interesting aspect of the rail network, as well as a place for healthy discussion!

Party like it's 1999

And for those of you who weren't around at the beginning - this is how it all started!

Click this to see how the website looked in 1999 (now removed! if you missed it, sorry!)

Looking at this first version of the website makes me cringe now, but I had good intentions - to fill the apparent OTP void in the media at the time.

We've seen several incarnations since then but I think you will agree it has come a long way since the early days!

Vince & Ben



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  • Alex Betteney avatar

    Alex Betteney

    Congratulations on reaching 9 years!!

    Heres hoping for another 9 otp-tastic years!

    Thankyou for filling that void in otp land and for creating the listings, and confirming the identities of the plant that otherwise we would never of known. Also for contributing greatly to the hobby of collecting road-railers - it wouldnt be possible without your site!

    Many thanks for the time and effort over the years

    Alex Betteney

  • Roy Hennefer

    Roy Hennefer

    Congratulations from me too and many thanks to both of you for creating and continuing to operate the site. Well said Alex.

  • Keith Gunner

    Keith Gunner

    My congratulations too, to both of you, for whom the "dream" came true! We have all benefited and learnt a great deal from your unstinting efforts. Well done.

    Keith 29/12/08

  • t clements

    t clements

    congratulations on nine fantastic years,i have certainly enjoyed the information thats been available over that time,enabling me to enjoy what i consider a very enjoyable hobby i will continue to supply as much information as possible on every visit/sighting long may it continue,i look forward to the next nine years

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Thanks for all the comments so far. Yes we think the naming of an item of OTP after us would be a very good idea! If anyone wants to pull some strings / donate cash / whatever is required to get the ball rolling - we're all ears! :)

  • Paul Moseley

    Paul Moseley

    Many thanks to you both for all your efforts.Having a facility as good as this makes our hobby so much more rewarding....long may it continue!


  • Nick Tompkin avatar

    Nick Tompkin

    Congratulations from me too and thanks for all the hard work.


  • okotokspaul avatar


    Congrates on reaching 9 years old - hope the site continues to grow

  • dennisg avatar


    More well deserved congrats from my non OTP winter snow hole. The link to Vince's first website brought back a few memories. It was ground breaking then and continues to be so after many upgrades.

    Long may you be able to continue.


  • Michael Winter

    Michael Winter

    Well done on reaching your 9th Birthday - top class website. Keep up the good work

  • Jonathan Flood avatar

    Jonathan Flood

    Excellent work guys. Thanks especially for the Wickham month earlier in the year. I am look forward to another interesting year for Wickhams and OTP generally.

  • Vince /// ontrackplant.com avatar

    Vince /// ontrackplant.com Website editor

    A slightly belated thanks from me - thanks everyone for all of your support and contributions over the last nine years.

    I've got some exciting plans for the site in the coming year, but I just need to find some time...

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