OTPPG - November 2004 update #1

12th November 2004

OTPPG - November 2004 update #1

To bring things up to date, a quick round-up of what has been happening with the OTPPG in the last month or so.

W&D McCullochs (conveniently based a few miles north of Stranraer) will help us clear the tracks in the shed at Stranraer and drag 68030 to a suitable position at the top end of the yard for loading. Heanors loaded a loco here in the past so we know it is possible and McCullochs seem to know the yard quite well. After further enquiries it seems they will also be able to sort out the T4 track possession for us which will be required from Network Rail in order to carry out this work and movement.

We asked the guy from First Engineering about clearing the junk off the track ourselves but it was going to be a Health & Safety nightmare so we thought it probably better (if more expensive) to get McCullochs to do the lot under their safety case. We don't yet have a price from them for the clearing work and unimog hire although this should be forthcoming once the sale is finalised.

Heanor Haulage is the preferred contractor for loading the machine and transporting it to Essex. They make regular trips up to Ayr and so we are hoping to coordinate with one of these trips for the return trip with 68030.

With regard the Permaquip at Rutherglen, First Engineering have quoted us a very reasonable price for loading, transporting and unloading and so we will be using them for this move.

An official letter was sent to First Engineering with our offer for thesefirst two machines 68706 and 68030 at the end of October and within the last few days we have heard that our offer has been accepted. Payment to FE as well as the associated paperwork will hopefully be completed over the next week or two and then we hope to get everything coordinated so that we can get both machines moved to the Colne Valley Railway before Christmas.

The visit to Perth & Kilmarnock to look at the TASCs has not yet beenfinalised - this will probably have to wait until early next year.



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