OTPPG - 68030 - The Arrival

5th January 2005

OTPPG - 68030 - The Arrival

Well well well, what a morning! Thought I'd better cover at least one major OTPPG event..

Yesterday Ben received an unexpected phone call from Heanors who were at the Colne Valley Railway with no way of getting in! After a few more frantic phone calls, it was decided that 68030 could be left on the loading siding outside of the premises for the night.

I arrived at the CVR this morning just before 9am, and after taking a few photos Dick Hymas (of the CVR) turned up briefly and told me that the machine was parked too close to the gate - ie just a metre away!! And nothing could be done for a few hours due to meetings etc.

Gosh! Things are never straightforward!

I took a few more photos, and had a little explore of 68030. Strangely, it's covered in sand. But not strangely, pigeon droppings also. Charming.

Whilst waiting, I went for a sandwich, and had my first look at 68706 at it's new home. It was looking rather wet!

11am finally turns up, as do Dick, Paul and a shunter (D2184 - albeit the other side of the closed gate). After a bit of investigation, it transpires that the handbrake only works on one axle. With this in mind, it was released gradually, and 68030 was rolled down the hill carefully just far enough to open the gate.

D2184 was coupled up, and after a little journey and run-round, 68030 was dropped off in a temporary resting place. The highlight of this shunting was me having a quick ride in the machine - I like to think I'm the first person to ride in it for over 10 years! (Ben - don't mention the McCullochs guy please)

Can I just take this moment to thank Dick & Paul at the CVR for their very short-notice assistance today. It was very much appreciated - thank you!



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