Readypower Aqcuires Paul John's Rail Assets

28 February 2013

Readypower Aqcuires Paul John's Rail Assets

Paul John Rail (photo: Paul Moseley)

In what may seem like a surprising move, Readypower have acquired the assets of Paul John's rail business. This takes Readypower's fleet to just over 170 road-rail vehicles, making it the third largest rail plant supplier in the UK.

Readypower are pleased to announce the acquisition of the entire assets of the Paul John Rail Business.

After careful consideration the Directors of Readypower Engineering decided that this was the right thing to do in order to cement our position as one of the leading suppliers of Rail Plant in the UK and demonstrate our willingness and ability to further meet the needs of Network Rail and our many customers.

Rick Frost, General Manager and Co-Owner of Readypower said ‘when the opportunity presented itself to look at this acquisition we had to give it serious consideration. Every week we have to refuse work because our plant is already fully booked out to customers. The fit of the plant fleet and the market at the moment helped us to decide that there was no doubt this would be a good move for our business going forward. We now look forward to integrating the Paul John Fleet into our own and continuing to offer a quality and sustainable service to our clients in the rail sector’.

This acquisition will give Readypower, who up to now generally operate in the south, a more national geographical coverage. It is the intention to offer all of the office based staff, fitters and operators of Paul John new contracts of employment with Readypower. We will also continue to supply from the Paul John operating centres of Coalville and Attleborough.

Readypower already operate over 120 road rail machines and this acquisition will take that number to well over 170 machines and over 500 rail attachments. The focus will continue to remain on quality, reliability and sustainability.

Readypower are looking to continue to grow its Network Rail Core work, as well as Rail Projects, OLE and Track Renewals. The additional machines will also help us to continue our fast growing part of the business in Projects under our own Plant in Possessions Operating Licence.


Readypower press release.

Readypower road-rail fleet list.



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