Rexquote Gigacrane

9th December 2008

Rexquote have recently launched a new vehicle called the 'Gigacrane'.

November 2008 sees the launch of the latest addition to the Gigarailer family.

Gigacrane has been designed and built specifically for lifting and positioning OLE equipment at height.

The use of the powerful winch ensures that all lifting is carried out in a vertical plane thus simplifying lift planning.

This machine is the first of its kind – repair and renewal sites have been waiting for this type of machine for many years.

The Gigacrane features a four stage hydraulic telescopic boom giving the operator fine control over the hook position.

The on board hydraulic winch is rated to 4.1 tonnes and can be sheaved up to four times giving a maximum winch capacity of 16 tonnes.

The crane can lift to a height of 12.5 m at a radius of 4.5 m, and 13 m at a 3.5 m radius.

The maximum radius achievable is 11.7 m giving a hook height of 3 m.

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  • RRV Cowboy

    RRV Cowboy

    if its not there yet it must coming pretty soon

  • Nick Tompkin avatar

    Nick Tompkin

    None of these machines are yet listed on Readypowers' excellent list on their website, so if it has been delivered it has yet to complete certification.



    i doubt it the plassers although pretty old now still really take some beating for lifting only the kirows can rival them at the moment but you never know also a lot of roadrailers of this size can be very unstable as like plassers they rely on there own weight you think a 90 ton plasser or a 32 ton giggarailer at this moment in time i no what i would rather have but i maybe wrong q the abuse lol

  • RRV Cowboy

    RRV Cowboy

    theres a pic of the two gigacranes on the readypower site ive sent the pic to the above link for photos