Road-Railer News - October 2009

7th October 2009

Road-Railer News - October 2009

A Network Rail Kubota

This first update is intended to summarise significant changes which have occurred since the publication of On Track Plant 2009 earlier this year. Special thanks to Peter Hall for supplying some of the information below.

Business Changes

Aspin Plant has been renamed as Hadspen Plant. It remains to be seen if any Aspin Plant machines receive “Hadspen” branding.

Likewise, Grantplant is renamed VolkerRail with vehicles being rebranded.

Gamble went into administration earlier this year but various assets were recently bought from the Administrator by demolition and groundwork company Keltbray Group. Gamble Rail is, at least for the time being, a separate subsidiary of Keltbray and it is not clear how many machines were involved in this deal. Possibly the only visible change is that certain older machines appear to be receiving new "Gamble Rail" branding and at least one service van now carries a reference to being part of the Keltbray group.

Meanwhile, two new owners have emerged. Railway Support Services based on the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway has former AB2000 Colmar T4300FS CRR98. Also Second Engineering based on the Caledonian Railway have acquired former Hydrex PW95 4455 and ex Torrent Trackside Gator Buggy DP270/036.

Fleet Changes

Aquarius Railroad Technologies – A notable new delivery here is NU09 HRJ, a Ford Ranger Crew Cab Pick Up Truck. This is not only the first of its type but also the 1st conversion of this type of vehicle for the UK market, although road rail conversions of this type of vehicle are common elsewhere, particularly in North America.

Balfour Beatty – Have received a 2nd Philmor converted Kobelco E200 Face Shovel numbered XEN 7010.

BCL – It appears that most of the residuary fleet which did not pass to Quattro Plant has been/is being disposed of. PW95 153 plus a sister and a Mecalac 12MXT, believed to be MR24 or MR29, have been advertised for sale by a dealer as has subsequently MR30. It appears that all machines stored at Willenhall have now gone with the exception of Flatbed Dumper 254 which remains extant (but is not in fact listed in the 2009 book).

Meanwhile, former MR42 is a further machine confirmed as passing to Quattro Plant.

Complete Drain Clearance – Whilst in the book, the second Leyland DAF Tanker and Jetter Lorry has subsequently been registered K416 JNV

Contracked Lands – The unique Range Rover, AXI 1400, has been scrapped after being stolen and burnt out.

Fastline – Mole DBT 001 is reported to have returned to its Leasing Company owner and is believed awaiting auction.

Gamble – Geismar KGT E576 was being advertised for sale by a dealer by September 2009.

Hiremee – An addition to the fleet is 129, a Liebherr A900ZW acquired following use as a demonstrator from Liebherr UK.

Hydrex – A number of new machines have arrived here. Firstly a further new Rexquote converted Genie Z60/34 is 6776. A further batch of Komatsu PC138US's comprise 6797-6802 inclusive.

The firm is also receiving a batch of 52 Liebherr A900CZW's. Details of these are spartan at present with only 4, 6875, 6893, 6895 and 6896 reported so far. The initial vehicles are believed to be allocated to Scotland although 3 are apparently expected imminently at Warrington depot. An interesting aspect of this deal is that a mixed bag of machines are passing to Liebherr UK in part exchange. Details are again few and far between but vehicles sent so far include Atlas 1304KZW's, Komatsu PW130s and most of the Fiat Hitachi EX135W's. Case 988P 3540 is expected to go imminently too.

Of these, PW130 4212 was briefly retained by Liebherr as part of their hire fleet and has recently spent time with J Murphy. However Atlas's 3651 and 3652 plus 5 EX135W's including 4097, 4142, 4174 and 4175 were advertised for sale by auctions/dealers in July 2009. Meanwhile, a large number of machines were being advertised for sale in September 2009 and were described as being at Biggleswade (Liebherr UK's headquarters). The machines concerned include 2865 (A900ZW), 2891 (T4300FS), 3651 and 3652 (1304K's), 4064 (PW130), 4148 and 4149 (EX135W's), 5784 (1404K) and 6205 (PW130)

Finally in a strange development, Atlas 1304KZW 2853 has recently been renumbered 6689.

J Murphy – Has 4 new Liebherr A900ZWs, P1168, P1169 and P1170 which have already been delivered whilst the fourth is presently unidentified.

Liebherr – As noted above ex Hydrex Komatsu PW130 4212 was briefly part of its hire fleet but has now been exported to Oliver Dixon Hedgecutting and Plant Limited, Longwood, County Meath, Ireland being RR16 in this fleet.

Network Rail – A large batch of Kubota RTV900's have been delivered, converted by Harsco Track Technologies. Interestingly these are predominately being allocated to depots which have not had OTP allocations previously. Problems have meant these are initially in storage at the depots they will be allocated to. Identified machines and locations are as follows:

975023 – Unknown Location.

975033 – Warrington Arpley.

975034 – Unknown Location.

975035 – Unknown Location.

975036 – Machynlleth.

975075 – Bletchley.

975076 – Bletchley.

975079 – Warrington, Slutchers Lane Compound (behind Signal Box).

975080 – Edge Hill.

975081 – Crewe Stores.

975082 – Chester.

975083 – Euston.

975084 – Wembley, Alstom.

975085 – Watford.

975088 – Wilmslow.

975089 – Guide Bridge.

975090 – Sandwell and Dudley.

975091 – Sandwell and Dudley.

975092 – Manchester Victoria, Deal Street.

975093 – Preston.

975094 – Preston.

Paul John Plant – Have a number of new machines. Further Philmor converted Doosan DX160W's comprise RR912 – 918 inclusive of which RR912 – 916 inclusive are Ultimate 220s whilst RR917 and RR918 are heavier specification Ultimate 260s. Also received are a pair of Philmor converted Komatsu PC138US's, RR201 and RR202.

Philip Shovlin Plant – Have ordered 4 further Gigarailers, 3 of which have been received and carry Euro numbers 99709 940665 1, 99709 940666 9 and 99709 940668 5 respectively.

The entire fleet of SGB Access Booms has been acquired although few if any are seeing use at present.

QTS Group – In an interesting development, existing Atlas 1604KZW RRE 3 has been converted into a long reach excavator. The ex-LHGS Demonstrator lorry FB03 FWX has also been acquired and fitted with a vactor unit.

Quattro Plant – Has received at least 6 Rexquote converted Komatsu PW160 Megarailers, 696 – 701 inclusive at least some of which have 2 man cabs. At least 2 Philmor converted Doosan DX160W's have also arrived, 694 and 695. 3 Philmor converted Kobelco SK135s comprise 684 – 686 inclusive.

Additionally, Mecalac 12MXT 027417 listed in the book as retained by BCL is now 692 in this fleet.

Readypower – Further access equipment delivered here comprises Genie Z60/34 Accessrailer 300's FR1337 and FR1338 and FR1342 which were followed by further Terex Accessrailer 17's, FR1339 – FR1341 inclusive.

However recently delivered Gigarailer 12 FR644 was reportedly burnt out during the summer.

Serco Docklands Light Railway – Have recently disposed of the Via Car V504FS.

Story Rail – Have acquired Unimog U900 Q948 WHL from T L Drake and Sons.

TRAC International – The latest vehicles acquired comprise former Readypower Thwaites 4t Dumper/Chipper FR1322 which is not in the book (it was latterly dismantled by Readypower but is now reassembled) and former LH U400 shunter AE06 PFN

UPM Tilhill - Has acquired former Harsco Gator Buggy DP270/023.

And finally, Harsco Track Technologies have on their website a newly designed Iveco Daily 4x4 pick up truck which can also tip. It is presumed this is for the UK market and therefore it remains to be seen who this ends up with.

It is intended to make these updates a regular feature and therefore please do E-Mail us with any additional information via the website. In particular, we are aware that the list for Ireland (recently renamed from Northern Ireland to reflect the fact that road railers appear to operate cross border) is incomplete and quite possibly inaccurate. Details of machines with Irish owners would be particularly welcome.

Nick Tompkin/John Griffiths – October 2009.



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  • Keith Cox

    Keith Cox

    Viewed Harsco,Eastwood yard on 19/9/09. There were two John Deere gators visible carrying euro numbers 99709 975060-3 and 99709 975058-7. Unable to inspected for futher details.

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Please keep reporting the 99709 numbers - new ones that are added under the appropriate fleet list automatically get emailed to John & Nick so that they can be added to the lists (and therefore appear in searches.)

    I have also been standardising some of the RRV types this afternoon which may affect some of the older photo captions - please let us know of any errors.

  • Jonathan Flood avatar

    Jonathan Flood

    An interesting report has just been issued by the Rail Accident Investigation Board entitled "Investigation into runaways of road-rail vehicles and their trailers on Network Rail". It is available to download as a pdf file from the RAIB website.