Spring 2007 updates

21 April 2007

A quick round up of some of Spring's OTP news.


A trip to Booth's scrapyard at the end of March showed just one item of plant remaining - 76314. Everything else has been scrapped, including a lot of machines marked as "do not cut".

One cab of 73264 also remains - in use as a small shed.

  • Thumbnail 76314a
  • Thumbnail 73264cab

These were joined at the beginning of April by a selection of Hexthorpe's demics - 96504, 96508, 96512, 96513 and 96514. It is not yet known whether 96511 followed/will follow.

  • Thumbnail 96504a
  • Thumbnail 96508
  • Thumbnail 96512
  • Thumbnail 96513
  • Thumbnail 96514a

Preservation news

In a welcome change, several of Carillion's old tampers have been preserved. 73250 can now be found at the Kent & East Sussex Railway; whilst 73303 and 73315 are now at the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway.



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  • Martin Foster avatar

    Martin Foster

    The SCPV 96511 will not follow just yet.

  • Vince /// ontrackplant.com avatar

    Vince /// ontrackplant.com Website editor

    Just to update this - all five of the cranes have been disposed of at Booth's. 76314 still remains...

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