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12 November 2009

Just a quick message about sightings submissions...

We would like to ask that members of the OTPgen Yahoogroup also post their sightings here on the main website please to keep things up to date. Especially if it is a machine that has not been seen for a while. On the flip side there are some people who post here but not on the group! Now we know it is time consuming but a lot of things can be copied and pasted and the info may be useful to someone. Its all about sharing. And sharing is good for you*

Please also remember that while logged in you can personalise your own sightings and create a "watchlist" - which many people seem to find useful.

And we always welcome historical sightings - so if you are at a loose end over the cold winter months, dig out some of those old records and add any OTP sightings you might have made in 1983 or 1992 or whenever. It will all help to build a bigger picture of machine allocations and movements.

Any new suggestions to make the website better will always be considered


*especially if it is cake.



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  • peter Cummings

    peter Cummings

    If we get into the really historical stuff, do we submit in the same way - and also copy to the Yahoo list.

    The sightings grid currently goes back to Jan 2000. Will it extend automatically if we make a start on reporting earlier years. I'd be potentially looking at a start-point around Dec 84. (further back it'd just be Snowploughs and Ben's stuff that'd be pinnable to a location).

    Huge task, but retirement is not far off now.

  • Roy Hennefer

    Roy Hennefer

    I've input all my sightings from c1984 onwards without problems e.g. the recent listings of NER Manual Cranes at Gateshead in the 80s. Go for it you know it makes sense.

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    I wouldn't say it is as important to copy historical sightings to the group as well but yes you can go back as far as about 1970. We could extend the grid to show more years if you think that would be useful.

    Anything before1970 and I think we get problems! As long as you keep the same date format yyyy-mm-dd everyone is happy

  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    The grid can't really be extended - with nearly 100,000 observations in the database, generating the grid pretty much kills the server.

    Historical sightings can be viewed on individual machine pages and the class-by-class listings though :)

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