Summer 2009 Update

24 August 2009

Summer 2009 Update

76101's final moments

A summary of recent happenings...


Unique Kershaw ballast cleaner 76101 was in the process of being scrapped at Forders yard near Bedford during July & August. It has been stored here since at least 2002 after it's train was said to have suffered problems in the area. The contractor is currently unknown.


77306 was exported to Turkey during March/April. It was refurbished and re-painted blue/white at Colchester during the spring.


The two antique Matisa tampers moved from the Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway to the Swindon & Cricklade Railway during June. Hopefully they now face a brighter future!

Other news

Rail grinder UK5 (79265 / 79275) suffered a major fire during July. It is not sure yet whether it can be repaired but it has now moved to Eastleigh for assessment.

Road / Railer news

We are hoping to do separate news articles in the future concentrating on developments in the Road/Rail sector. This will be co-ordinated by John G and Nick amongst others and will concentrate on new vehicles, changes to ownership, company name changes etc - some of which is supplied to us from NPT Publishing but not normally publicised. In much the same way as Jonathan provides us with occasional Wickham news, we hope this will be a useful new feature. Comments and suggestions welcome!



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  • Ted Knotwell

    Ted Knotwell

    What is the yellow thing to the right of 76101 at Forders?



  • Barry Cooper

    Barry Cooper

    Splendid idea about the road-railers. When the sight we often get of them is from a rapidly passing train identity can be difficult. I envy you chaps who can get access to often remote locations!

  • Paul Moseley

    Paul Moseley

    Excellent news on the Road/Rail front.The more information the better and i'm sure in John G & Nick we have the right men for the job!

  • RRV Cowboy

    RRV Cowboy

    Gamble Rail has been taken over by Keltbray not sure if its just plant side etc

  • Barry Cooper

    Barry Cooper

    According to Keltbray has indeed bought Gamble Rail from the administrators. It will continue under the Gamble Rail trade name as a distinct division of Keltbray. Maybe they will be more circumspect in their acquisition of plant than Gamble were

  • RRV Cowboy

    RRV Cowboy

    L&W Contractors now have 6 komatsu pw160 megarailers on the fleet having recently took delivery of 2 new double man carrying cab versions

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