Swietelsky Announce Working Agreement With HNRC

29th June 2024

Swietelsky Announce Working Agreement With HNRC
Swietelsky Construction Company Ltd as reached an agreement to work alongside Harry Needle Railroad Company (HNRC) Ltd, who will provide mainline locomotives and access to heavy maintenance facilities at Worksop. To support the current business needs of Swietelsky and SB Rail in the UK, Swietelsky have identified a need to have access to a number of locomotives together with a heavy maintenance and overhaul facility for its current fleet of OTM and Kirow Cranes.

To meet these requirements, HNRC has agreed to provide long term hire arrangements for a fleet of up to 26 mainline locomotives, together with access to the Worksop Traincare and Heavy Maintenance depot.

Both Craig Goldie (MD Swietelsky) and Harry Needle (MD HNRC) are delighted to be able to announce this collaboration.


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