The Great OTP/DPT Hunt!

1 April 2003 - thanks to Vince & Ben for this article

To celebrate the first birthday of our sister site, DPTnet, on June 1st we are proud to announce a potentially interesting event in which we hope you will all be able to participate.

We are going to try and organise a weekend where we try and cover as much of the UK between us - trying to locate all or most of the OTP and Departmental stock to give a picture of where everything is to be found at one given time.

The idea was suggested to us a few weeks back, and we believe a similar thing was done by a magazine a few years back to find all of the UK shunters.

The provisional weekend we have chosen is the May Bank Holiday weekend - 3-5th May.

Obviously we would appreciate your feedback on this - preferably via the yahoogroups, so we can all see who is going to be involved and what areas we can cover as a group. Alternatively, you can let us know which area you want to cover by filling in this form.

Our thanks go out to Steve Johnson for this great idea, and we hope as many of you as possible can help with it..



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